• The Witch in PoE currency is similar to caster classes in different RPGs. An Arc Witch, particularly, makes use of a particular spell known as -- you guessed it -- Arc. Arc, as the name implies, is a lightning-based skill that features the capability to chain from one enemy to another. The amount of enemies that Arc can string to will be dependent upon a specific character's stone and enchantment configuration, but in any event it can not chain over 11 times per cast.

    As you can imagine, when each cast of your skill is bouncing around and hitting up to 11 different enemies, then the DPS can accumulate rather quickly. Remember that the DPS reflected from the tooltip is not telling you the PoE goods whole story (as is frequently true with the majority of tooltip DPS, on many abilities, in most games).

    Shock is a standing illness. Shock increases a enemies damage taken by up to 50% for an quantity of time based on the total amount of lightning damage dealt by the player. The Arc skill provides an inherent 10 percent chance to shock any enemies struck by it. In order to strengthen this amount, use the ideal mixture of enchantments and other PoE items.
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