• But the magnetic draw Fortnite items has on FBS student-athletes fits into a wider theme. It only makes sense the competition would last, whether in the morning, before the beginning of team meetings and workouts, or deep into the night.

    "We only like to compete"

    Additionally, it may be a way to decompress, particularly during the months of player-driven workouts and practices. That is"function," said Pittsburgh offensive lineman Alex Bookser. On the flip side, Fortnite supplies"a different kind of juice"

    "If you dismiss it in Fortnite, you can get ripped by everyone and nobody feels bad about it."

    There's a generational gap, naturally.Fortnite materials might be the go-to outlet for student-athletes. Coaches, meanwhile, are less enthusiastic.

    "I predict a high school kid and ask,'You play with that Fort Hill?' "It bothers me that people are that into it. But that is the generation we're in. They would rather do that than work"

    Coaches may not cite Fortnite by title, if they understand it, nor even single out video games because of custom to necessarily avoid -- even if those who spoke to USA TODAY were unable to wrap their head around the game's mushrooming recognition.
  • A magnetic gauntlet and shield to become Captain America. The shield is attached to the magnetic glove, like the real shield. The shield can be thrown as if it were a disk when removed. Just like Captain America does when it is in full battle!

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