• Coronavirus, this word has been a matter of concern throughout the world for the past 5 or 6 months. The first corona case is known to be found in a Chinese city named Wuhan. Initially, the world health organization stated that the virus does not affect humans but we all know what happened after that. The entire world has been affected by the virus and it has claimed more than 4 Lakh lives around the world. Also, more than 20 lakh people have tested positive for the COVID-19.

    Economical Crisis

    The virus is not only taking lives and making people sick but it has affected the economy of the entire world. There is not a single country that has remained unaffected or an economy that has not suffered from the crisis. In order to prevent the infection among masses, several countries had imposed a nationwide lockdown for up to months. Just to slow down the infection rate and prevent people in coming contact with each other. However, in some countries, the lockdown actually gave favourable outcomes but in India, it did not bear any fruit.

    How coronavirus has affected education
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