• As of 2018, it contributes 16% of Nexon's total sales based on the Japanese subsidiary and focuses on steadily servicing an assortment of Nexon games in the worldwide market.

    MapleStory is a global game with over 170 million Maplestory 2 Mesos for sales members from 60 countries around the world. In December 2010, the number of users in North America attained 136,000, which makes it the hottest online game. It was the first successful part-paying game among Nexon games, and it had been introduced through numerous foreign companies. Back in April 2018, we held that the 13th anniversary event'Maple Story Fest' at Hollywood and gave a place to the fans' support.

    Proving the possibility of a fresh generation of lifestyle style RPG in the North American market. Notably, localized contents like Halloween Day occasion and Thanksgiving Day, carefully planned in accordance with local culture, have been steadily loved by North American users for a long time.

    It supplies a physics environment that interacts with critters and surrounding objects, and provides a different kind of action play that has not been experienced in existing online games. It's a game that has gained recognition for'2010 Korea Game Grand Prix', and it obtained a positive reception in'Gamescom 2011' that is the biggest sport exposition in Europe in 2011.

    7 million downloads in Korea, and 10 million global downloads.

    'Hyper Universe' is a horizontal scrolling process and a map divided into layers. The 4: 4 AOS comes with a distinctive'Hyper' (personality ), which is accumulated in various spaces and times. It's fun to raise'Hyper Maple M Mesos' variously through the mixture of items,'Ladder',''can appreciate strategic elements like. The Xbox version, published in August, is currently in global service.

    'Maple Story 2', a complete 3D MMORPG genre based on quarter-view, is a game that anyone can readily and funly enjoy a exceptional character customization and dynamic combat action based on a unique universe of cubes. It was released in Korea in 2015, and got a favorable reputation for its cute 3D characters and match personality. It's been receiving great attention from local users because it entered the worldwide market last October.MapleStory 2 Goes to the Sky and Introduces Soul Binder Class
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