• While updating accounts in Quicken occurrence of error message CC-800 is common. But so as to fix this issue you need to perform below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:
    • Make sure you are using the latest version of Quicken
     Open Quicken> Tools> One Step Update > Update Now
     If an update is available then just install it.
    • Fix the account that is causing the problem.
     Again first you need to open Quicken software and then go to Tools> Account List > Show Hidden Accounts
     Now select to Edit those account which is showing this error and click to deactivate them.
    • Repair the damaged file
     Open Quicken > File> File Operations> Validate & Repair and then click on Validate File to fix any kind of issues with Online Setting
     Now close the Quicken software and try opening it again.
    If these steps do not help you in fixing the issue then you can call Quicken support number to speak with experts who can help you in eradicating the problem for the core itself.
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