• The essay should, of course, begin with a title. But this does not mean that this is where the writing of the my assignment help review begins. In most cases, the author comes up with a title for his or her essay after finishing the main body of the text. The title should reflect the main idea of the essay. A quotation can be used as a title.
    The first paragraph of the essay is the introduction. The author reveals in general phrases the topic, writes the thesis, it is possible to address the reader and ask a question. The introduction is the most important part of the essay. If the author was not able to interest from the first sentence, no one will read further. That's why you have to start the text strongly, fascinatingly, tantalizingly. The first part of the essay should answer the questions: "What is the topic of the essay?" and "What is the point of the essay?"

    After the introduction, the main part of the essay begins. In a short essay, this part takes about three paragraphs, in a longer one, three or more. Each paragraph should begin with a simple sentence that displays its main idea. And in the following sentences this idea should be developed - to describe, disclose details, give examples, prove or convince. All paragraphs should be logically connected to each other and smoothly move from one idea to another. In this way, the author will be able to hold the reader's attention, gradually drawing him or her in and making him or her read on.

    The last part of the essay is the conclusion, which can consist of one or two or three paragraphs. In this part, the author needs to summarize, repeat the main idea, and highlight the main points of the essay. It is principally important not to write any new thought or opinion in the conclusion, then the essay will lose all meaning. Sometimes in the conclusion, if necessary, the author uses a call to action, for example: "Don't be indifferent!", "Don't be silent", "Let's change this world together".


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  • If you see the 2022 Essay paper, you can see seven out of eight essays are philosophical. It is a clue of what we can expect from UPSC in the Essay Paper in the near future.

    Other than it, we cannot ignore the importance of the previous year's question papers. Like Prelims, UPSC repeats its questions in the Essay paper too. Therefore, it is essential to go through and practice writing the previous year's essay paper to have a better grasp of the subject.
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