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December 11, 2020
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The iPhone SE is the talk of the town, as the latest, shiniest iPhone available on the marketplace. It is widely known, at this time, the iPhone SE is an iPhone 6S within an iPhone 5S body. Opening the hood up, however, shows a more complex story.

The iPhone SE, in reality, attracts four generations of iPhones because of its revolutionary new layout.

The site Chipworks opened a new iPhone SE to find a glimpse of their inner workings. They printed a labeled diagram, showing some startling results.

Aside from the human anatomy, the iPhone screen repair is drawing two iterations of this iPhone 5. Apple's new device employs the iPhone 5's 12-megapixel rear/1.2-megapixel forward selfie camera, in addition to the touchscreen control, which dates all of the ways back into the iPhone 5s. The iPhone SE shoots around 4K videos, too.

The internal storage appears to emerge in the iPhone 6s too, however, a 19nm is supposed to replace the 15nm unit now being used.

Most of all, the iPhone SE is utilizing the iPhone 6s' A9 processor, among the most effective and flexible microprocessors around Earth. The Apple A9 chipset provides around 70 percent more CPU power compared to the prior chipset, the A8, in addition to around 90 percent more image capability.

The Qualcomm modem is in the first iPhone 6.

Apple appears to be living up to the promise of reinventing a cherished design from the interior. That is big news, so, for individuals searching for high-power mobile computing, but are hesitant towards the phablet-like mobile phone design.

Still, attached to an old version of the iPhone? Let's return your cherished telephone to its past glory!

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