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May 2, 2022
» Thrissur

Web development / launch of a web app

We take a proactive approach to web development and elaborate on ways to uncover less obvious business requirements, save costs and envisage risks for your project.

Why choose Woxro Technology Solutions:

  • Skilled UX researchers.

  • Hands-on consulting expertise in 30+ industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail.

  • Experience with all the major app architecture types: microservices-based, traditional 3-layer, cloud native, event-driven, serverless, headless, service-oriented architectures.

  • Full-stack development of web apps.

Web redesign / modernization

We improve visual appeal, functional fullness and usability of existing web apps. As a result, our clients see increased web conversions, reduced maintenance costs, better ROI from optimized business operations.

Redesign and modernization possibilities we bring to life:

  • Revamp of a legacy technology stack.

  • Web app re-architecting to enable greater scalability.

  • Delivery of UX and UI innovations for better user appeal and usability.

  • Delivery of new web app features.

  • Incorporation of disparate business modules into a single web application.

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