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Born on February 16, 1991
Managing your funds can be a difficult task as it involves strategies that define your profit and loss ratio. You certainly can not control the market movements but can control the investment. On the other hand, having good strategies is not enough too to achieve your objectives. For the same purpos...
The commodity is a physical as well as a vertical marketplace where buying and selling of physical or raw products are done. There are basically two types of commodities, Hard and Soft. The natural resources denote the hard commodities such mined products like Gold, Silver etc. while the soft commod...
What is PTC?

PTC generally stands for Paid to Click. As the name suggests you are paid a certain amount by advertisers for clicking on links and viewing their Ads.
These links are managed by PTC Sites.

What are PTC Sites?

PTC Sites publish links of different advertisers. Depending on the duration...